root canal therapy illustrationIf you have heard about root canal treatment, your reflexive response to the idea is probably to wince, as it sounds on the face of it to be invasive, painful and unpleasant all around. In truth, while none of us would undergo the treatment unless it was entirely necessary, the truth of the matter is that root canal therapy can be a lot less unpleasant than you imagine it to be – and it can save you a lot of pain and suffering in the future.


Let’s first get the absolute truth on what root canal therapy is. If you were to go to a dentist today to have the treatment, they would be focused on carrying out a repair inside the tooth. That’s all that root canal means; the root of your tooth attaches the tooth itself to the jawbone, and the area around that root is the root canal. If you are having therapy in the area, then the likelihood is that you have suffered an infection, and a dentist needs to clear it out.


If you have never had an infection in the tooth or gum before, then let’s be clear about one thing above all – tooth and gum infections are painful. They can be so distressing as to make everyday life unbearable, and often have sharp spikes of pain that break through any pain killing medication you can use. Root canal therapy is designed to cure the infection, and end the pain – and it is highly effective in doing so.


Your dentist will go about root canal therapy in what is usually a three-step process. The steps are outlined below, and at the end of the treatment you will walk out of the office feeling much more comfortable.


Speak to your dentist about what root canal therapy might entail for you. Some cases involve a single appointment, while others might be more complicated and require further investigation, but one thing for certain is that the treatment can save you a lot of pain and distress in the long term.

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